Meetup Groups

Join our Meetup groups!
Organized and maintained by Creative Arts School staff. Our purpose is to reach out to those whose passion is drawing, painting and/or photography to help you explore your creative potential. Our mission is to create opportunities for beginner through master level artists to network, share ideas and expand their knowledge. Many of our members are teaching or are enrolled in classes at the Creative Arts School, but this is not a requirement for membership in the group. We look forward to having you join us, meet some new friends and have fun!
Organized and maintained independently by Irene Hill. Welcome to our group of creative and talented photographers. Our mission is to help you explore your photographic potential, and to spread the passion for the “art of seeing” to others so that they may use the camera as an artistic tool, much as painters use their brushes. We welcome all those, regardless of experience, with an interest in advancing their photographic skills. Many of our members attend our Fine Art Photography Classes at the School of Creative Arts, but this is certainly not a requirement for membership in the group.
Organized and maintained independently by Ralph Papa and Donna Walsh. This group was created in 2010 to bring artists together to paint the land, sea and city scapes in beautiful South Florida. We welcome resident artists and visiting artists at all levels to paint and document today’s landscapes that contribute to tomorrow’s history. NOTE: has merged with /palmbeachartists.
Organized and maintained independently by Santiago Perez. This group of visual artists has a deep passion in figurative drawing and painting as well as Plein Air/ outdoor painting of landscapes and urbanscapes. Meetup intentions are to bring the artist community out and make new friends. Let’s work together and strengthen our skills while we draw, paint and talk. Focus is on representational art with an emphasis on realism/pseudo-realism /surrealism. All levels welcome and bring creative ideas out of the box but with boundaries that keep the art an upper level of beauty. Also contemplate on current, past and upcoming trends and how we as artists feel and cope with them. Together we feed each other’s creative hunger as well as make things happen in the arts!