Old School Square

Old School Square Center for the Arts, Inc. looks forward to the future and to partnering with the City and the Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority (DDA).
In April 2023, OSS and the City of Delray Beach both dropped their respective lawsuits and signed a settlement agreement.
In May 2023, the City Commission and Old School Square met and participated in a workshop to start mending the relationship. A workshop is scheduled to take place in September 2023 between OSS, the DDA, and the City.
In  November 2023 – the City of Delray Beach opened a Request for letter of Interest (RFLI) to manage the Crest Theatre Building    Old School Square Center for the Arts submitted their proposal and the bid closed in January 2024.  Old School Square Center for the Arts awaits the City Commissions action and decision.



Old School Square and the City of Delray Beach have both signed a settlement offer

September 7, 2023 Joint Public Announcement: During a special commission meeting held on March 31st, 2023, the Delray Beach City Commission voted to accept a settlement offer proposed by the non-profit Old School Square Center for the Arts.

Old School Square Announces New Concert Series

October 23, 2021 As you are aware, the City’s impulsive termination of our lease forced us to make some very difficult decisions with regards to our existing calendar of seasonal events and programs – events and programs that required financial and operational commitments that we no longer had the capacity to support after the multitude of challenges imposed

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Old School Square accused of misleading public by Mayor

August 16, 2021 Mayor Petrolia stated in her correspondence with our supporters that “the information sent out by the management at OSS is misleading.”  We would ask Mayor Petrolia to clarify what was the information OSS shared with our supporters/her constituents that was misleading.  Mayor Petrolia also stated that her decision to vote to terminate the lease with

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