Old School Square and the City of Delray Beach have both signed a settlement offer

September 7, 2023 9:38 pm

Joint Public Announcement: During a special commission meeting held on March 31st, 2023, the Delray Beach City Commission voted to accept a settlement offer proposed by the non-profit Old School Square Center for the Arts. Once the settlement agreement is finalized, lawsuits filed by both parties will be dismissed. Each party will be responsible for any legal fees they incurred. “We look forward to reestablishing a positive relationship with an organization who has been a long-time partner in making our city an arts destination. As we move forward in the spirit of public service and community building, I know our residents and visitors will benefit,” City Manager Terrence Moore said.

During the special meeting, the City Commission directed city staff to hold a workshop meeting with Old School Square Center for the Arts in the coming weeks to begin a conversation with the mutual goal of reestablishing a relationship between the City and the nonprofit. “We believe ending litigation is the best outcome for the city and the most effective route to quality programming for residents and visitors. We look forward to a productive, healthy relationship with the city as we help bring a diverse mix of arts and cultural attractions to Downtown Delray,” said Patty Jones, Chairman of Old School Square Center for the Arts.

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