Old School Square

The Old School Square campus includes the Cornell Art Museum, Crest Theatre, Fieldhouse, Pavilion and the Creative Arts School (located in the Crest Theatre, second floor studios); 51 N. Swinton Avenue (at Atlantic Avenue) in downtown Delray Beach (33444).  The phone number is 561-243-7922.

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Old School Square’s promise to bring artists and audiences together is reflected in many ways, including accessibility for those who may need mobility or auditory assistance.



Annual Membership Campaign

December 5, 2017 At Old School Square, we strive to bring the community together and enrich the lives of people by providing a place where all can gather to celebrate the arts. Our five venues, the Crest Theatre, the Creative Arts School, the Cornell Art Museum, the Fieldhouse and the Pavilion, are located on one campus and provide

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Old School Square Founder Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

November 16, 2017 Frances F. Bourque is the visionary founder of Old School Square Center for the Arts. She was recently named the recipient of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award which recognizes the body of work of civic and business leaders who leave an indelible impact on Delray Beach. Frances is a true civic icon; her work with Old School

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Cornell Art Museum: what’s new.

November 13, 2017 Cornell Art Museum has launched the 2017-18 Season with a Newly Renovated Interior… The Cornell Art Museum re-opened in early November with a fresh, new interior! The new design better showcases the innovative, contemporary art that defines each exhibit, while honoring the historic character of this 1913 building. ABOUT THE RENOVATION Rob Steele, President and

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