Old School Square

The Old School Square campus includes the Cornell Art Museum, Crest Theatre, Fieldhouse, Pavilion and the Creative Arts School (located in the Crest Theatre, second floor studios); 51 N. Swinton Avenue (at Atlantic Avenue) in downtown Delray Beach (33444).  The phone number is 561-243-7922.


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Old School Square’s promise to bring artists and audiences together is reflected in many ways, including accessibility for those who may need mobility or auditory assistance.



The Writers’ Colony News!

September 26, 2017 Barbara Cronie, who leads the writing program at the Creative Arts School announced today that two members of THE WRITERS’ COLONY were published in early September! MANY LIVES OF AN ARTIST:  A MEMOIR by Bernice Baumel Harwood and FREE TO BE ME: A MEMOIR  by T. J. Torre  are now available on The Creative Arts

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Discover Something New!

September 5, 2017 The 2017-18 Season is filled with exciting, new, exhibits shows, lectures, classes and workshops! CORNELL ART MUSEUM The Museum will launch the 2017-18 Season with a newly renovated interior! The new design better showcases the innovative, contemporary art that defines each exhibit, while honoring the historic character of this 1913 school building. New exhibitions begin

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Cornell Art Museum: What’s New?!

August 7, 2017 Cornell Art Museum Will Launch the 2017-18 Season with a Newly Renovated Interior! Delray Beach, FL – September 27, 2017 UPDATE – Exciting interior renovations are underway at the The Cornell Art Museum, which is closed until early November.  The new design will better showcase the innovative, contemporary art that defines each exhibit, while honoring

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