Photography Classes

Our Photography program, the Art of Seeing, will open up a world of new and wonderful visual experiences for you. Students will learn to see the world through new eyes. Using your camera as the sculptor uses his hammer and chisel or the artist his brush and paints will allow you to explore your creative potential to the fullest.

Class Registration opens 4/18/16 @ 9:00 a.m. for the Spring/Summer sessions!

Open House is Saturday, April 30th, 1-3 pm

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Online registration is available through the day before your class or workshop begins. To register on the first day of class, or after that, please call the Creative Arts School directly at 561-243-7922, ext. 478 (Stephanie or Deborah) or ext. 317 (Sharon), and we’ll be happy to take care of you!

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  • Photography – The Art of Seeing

    • Hill_IntroDigitalCamera_New_Mylo

      Introduction to Using Your Digital Camera – Irene Hill

      Instructors: Irene Hill FOR BEGINNERS If the manual that came with your digital camera is causing more confusion than you care to deal with, fear not. This course is designed to help you become more comfortable and creative with your equipment. The class breaks down the learning process into understandable weekly sessions that include taking


    • Levine_IntroDigitalCamera_New_Mylo

      Introduction to Using Your Digital Camera – Russell Levine

      Instructors: Russell Levine FOR BEGINNERS If the manual that came with your digital camera is causing more confusion than you care to deal with, fear not. This course is designed to help you become more comfortable and creative with your equipment. The class breaks down the learning process into understandable weekly sessions that include taking photos


    • Hill_PhotoOnMove 2_New_Mylo

      Photography on the Move

      Instructor: Irene Hill FOR BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE LEVELS Anxious to get out there and do more shooting? Want to produce more artistic, nuanced images? In this course for beginner and intermediate students, we will alternate between classroom work on composition, critique and off-campus photo shoots. Emphasis will be on producing uncluttered, dynamic images using natural light. Bring


    • gordon_interactive_fap_2.25x1.875_300dpi_SM_Mylo

      Interactive Fine Art Photography

      Instructors: Lee Gordon FOR ADVANCED PHOTOGRAPHERS This advanced fine art photography class now incorporates inspiring on location photo shoots, with alternating evaluative, constructive critiques the following week. Open your mind to unlimited creativity and visual interpretation. Learn to express yourself through mastery of the photographic medium. This class draws upon the proven principles of art


    • Hill_AdvancedComposition_New_Mylo

      NEW! Advanced Composition in Fine Art Photography

      Instructor: Irene Hill FOR INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED AND SALON (MASTER) PHOTOGRAPHERS Take the next step in your journey to become a more creative photographer and learn how to use the camera more creatively while developing a personal aesthetic. This three part mini course will focus on how to use light and shadow, how to create abstract images, how


    • Levine_EssenceofPhotography_New_Mylo

      The Essence of Photography

      Instructor: Russell Levine FOR ALL LEVELS This class will revitalize your photography practice by exploring your relationship to your subject, your camera, and yourself. Through photo exercises, assignments, and field trips, we will learn to deepen our visual awareness while clarifying our approach, so that image making becomes both more personal and meaningful. This class


    • gordon_master_fap_2.25x1.875_300dpi_SM_Mylo

      Master Fine Art Photography

      Instructor: Lee Gordon FOR EXPERIENCED PHOTOGRAPHERS This class is for experienced, creative photographers interested in more than camera clubs or limited seminars and workshops. Become a part of South Florida’s most accomplished group of artistic photographers. Meet in a unique environment with fellow enthusiasts while sharing ideas, techniques, experiences and inspiration. This ongoing class allows


    • Hill_Basic Composition_New_Mylo

      NEW! Photo Composition and Lighting – A Mini Course

      Instructor: Irene Hill FOR BEGINNING AND INTERMEDIATE PHOTOGRAPHERS If you want to take more than a snapshot, it’s time to learn some composition basics. Find out where to place the subject in the frame, when to create a leading line or how to include foreground interest or framing, and how to use shallow depth of


  • Digital Imaging

    • Hill_Photo on Move_extra_Mylo

      Photoshop Elements

      Instructor: Irene Hill For Beginners A four week introduction to unravel some of the mysteries of polishing a photograph after it has been taken.  This is a BASIC course.  We will cover cropping, sizing, lighting, color saturation, and converting your photo to black and white.  Only 90 minutes a week….no information overload …..sticking to the


    • SONY DSC

      Photoshop for Photographers

      Instructor: Dimitri Sagatov This course is an introduction to the world of creative possibilities available to photographers through Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is the most powerful editing tool available to photographers who want to enhance the quality and creative vision of their digital images. To take advantage of these powerful tools, a basic understanding of how and why Photoshop works is


    • gordon_intro_adobe_lr_2.25x1.875_300dpi_SM_Mylo

      Introduction to Adobe Lightroom – Part 1 and 2

      Instructor: Lee Gordon CREATING AN EFFICIENT COLOR MANAGED DIGITAL WORKFLOW This class is an introduction to using Adobe Lightroom as a digital asset management application. As photographers, we produce an abundance of images, which need to be organized, developed, and integrated into an efficient color managed digital workflow from capture to output. As digital photography


    • gordon_advanced_adobe_lr_2.25x1.875_300dpi_SM_Mylo

      Advanced Class for Adobe Lightroom

      Instructor: Lee Gordon CONTINUING AN EFFICIENT COLOR MANAGED DIGITAL WORKFLOW COMPLETION OF THE INTRODUCTORY LIGHTROOM CLASS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED This advanced class is a continuation, utilizing an integrated approach to Adobe Lightroom. We will learn how to evaluate and pre-visualize the extensive possibilities for developing raw image files. To master control over your creative output