• Smoking is not permitted in any OSS facility.
  • Any children attending or participating in an event must be supervised.
  • Renters shall not adjust, tamper with, or handle any equipment, including but not limited to, air conditioning, sound, alarm systems, dressing room intercoms, etc.
  • Attendance must be limited to the stated facility capacities.

Decorating Restrictions

  • Sand, glitter, confetti, rice and birdseed are not permitted.
  • Tape, tacks, staples or staple guns, nails, screws or any adhesive is not allowed to attach any object to walls, posts or beams.
  • Renter may use florist wire, fishing line, ribbon or string to hang décor.
  • Extension cords or wires that must cross floor areas will be secured by OSS staff only.
  • Ice sculptures, bales of hay, live animals, heavy props or decorations such as automobiles are not permitted.
  • The use of contained votive candles must be approved by the Center.
  • Taper and tall pillar candles are not allowed.
  • All props and decorations must be approved by the Director of Center Services prior to event set up or it will be removed.

Crest Theatre

  • No food or drink is allowed inside the theatre at any time – no exceptions!
  • Personal belongings such as dance bags, purses, jackets, books, etc. may not be stored in the seating area of the theatre.