Composition and Lighting

Instructor: Irene Hill


Whether you are new to this class or a student continuing to refine the quality of your work, this class is designed to help you take more than a snapshot by learning some composition basics and beyond. Find out where to place the subject in the frame, when to create a leading line or how to include foreground interest or framing, and how to use shallow depth of field to create artistic nuance. Learning just a few basic concepts can help give your images more impact and interest. We have weekly assignments, practice new shooting techniques while in class and engage in lively photo conversations while discussing our work.  Bring samples of your work to the first class on either a flash drive or an SD card.  All images are projected in this class.

Registration for Spring/Summer OPENS 4/6/18 at 9 am!

Wednesday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Terms 1, 2, 4 | Fee: $159 4 wk