Intermediate and Advanced Fiction

Instructor: Winston Aarons

This course is for students who have completed or already have a work in progress. This is a critique course in which students will read and discuss their works in class and get instructive feedback from their classmates and the instructor. The instructor will act as guide, facilitator and mentor, providing each student with directives that will help them write more engaging dialogues, understand the process of character development, plot, foreshadowing, and the other literary devices that go toward making strong believable works in which characters come alive and breathe. Since the instructor believes reading is an essential part of writing—we learn from other writers— he will also, after reading and evaluating each student’s work, provide a list of authors whose works he thinks will help strengthen their personal styles and assist them in finding their own voice. The instructor’s agenda is to help students move forward with their manuscripts and take them closer to publication.

Tuesday 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm | T4 $246 7 wk