Instructor: Peter Pereira

Are you a writer/poet, musician, painter, sculptor, photographer, movie-maker, dancer, gymnast, engineer, astronomer, chef, or some combination? This inclusive course explores installation art in all media and will incorporate your media including photographs, paintings, drawings, video, sound and sculptural materials in the exciting field of mixed and multimedia installation works. So, bring one along to class! The weeks of creating installations will also include planning out and basic site exploration of your chosen object(s), the indoor installations, dimensions, scale, indoor/outdoor facets of our work including materials, ecology/ impact, carbon footprint, construction, budgeting and multimedia. We will also introduce techniques for documenting the process, which will make the project a film in the making! Join us for this multi-dimensional journey! DOWNLOAD APP FOR ANDROID OR iPHONE – Peter G. Pereira Installation Artist. Follow instructions and see the future. Press North: See art come alive. Rotating Cube Painting by Peter G Pereira.

Monday 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm | Fee: T3 $251 6 wk, T4 $287 7 wk