NEW! Perspective for the Artist

Instructor: Sid DelMar Leach

It is obvious to the viewer of any painting of a traditionally realistic subject matter if the artist who created the painting did not understand the “rules” of perspective. In this class, we will examine these “tools” that have been handed down historically. Perspective is most important in the creation of any painting or drawing. I have been teaching my methods for many years and they are easy to understand for both beginning and advanced students. I will reference my book on this subject, Photographic perspective drawing techniques. The techniques of understanding the fundamentals of perspective will be examined carefully in the course. Using perspective “lines” from “vanishing points” found on most photographs will be the basis of our studies. Tracing paper overlays with pencil line work will be closely examined in much detail.

Wednesday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm | Fee: T3 $303 8 wk, T4 $267 7 wk