Art Classes

The Creative Arts School at Old School Square offers a variety of art classes for all levels. Come and create! 

To contact the Creative Arts School, please call 561-243-7922, ext. 478. Deborah or Lianna will be happy to take care of you!

TERM 1 9/18/17 – 10/29/17 | TERM 2 10/30/17 – 12/17/17

TERM 3 1/2/18 – 3/4/18 | TERM 4 3/5/18 – 4/22/18


  • Registration opens 8/21/17 @ 9:00 a.m.
  • Open House is Saturday, September 9th, 12:30 – 3:30 pm


Art Workshops

august 2017

18aug - 19All DayPainting in Monochromatic(All Day)

  • Painting

    • NEW! Contemporary Painting

      Instructor: Peter G. Pereira INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED – ACRYLIC (SOME OIL) Take a fantastic journey into painting! This course is perfect for those students and professional artists itching to flush out and consolidate aspects of your artwork that are in need of some R & D…creative therapy! I want to help you pull out individual styles and


    • NEW! Foundations in Oil Painting

      Instructor: John Grande ALL LEVELS Learn the foundations of oil painting—from building and stretching your own canvas to priming with gesso, to the completion of your masterpiece! Developing your own language while honing your skill set, exploring new and traditional techniques and ways of seeing. You will learn composition and color theory all while working


    • Discover Your Personal Painting Style

      Instructor: Carla Golembe ALL LEVELS – ACRYLIC Explore painting techniques, composition, color and creative expression in an upbeat and encouraging atmosphere. Learn brushwork, layering, and color mixing techniques and apply them to express yourself in paint. Discover how source material can be a springboard for your imagination to take flight and create a work of


    • NEW! Painting 101

      Instructor: Beth Sloat BEGINNERS – OIL Are you new at painting in oils? Do you want to learn new methods or break old habits? Then this class is for you! The oil paint medium is versatile, challenging and rewarding. With an initial focus on representational painting from life, each painting will apply basic skills —drawing,


    • Multimedia Master Class

      Instructor: Donna Fuller INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED – OIL/ACRYLIC/WATERCOLOR You will learn to understand what your paint and brushes can do for you – learn color, concept, perception and usage. Learn how to make them work in creating your art and developing your own distinctive style. You will use copy/photographs of your own for reference. However serious about


    • Exploring Possibilities in Pastel

      Instructor: Deborah LaFogg-Docherty BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE – PASTEL Students will explore the use of pastel, learn technique, experiment with underpainting, textures and play with color. Classes will include themed subjects and student choice. All will have the chance to create pastel paintings that have strong compositions, pleasing colors with exciting results. Wednesday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


    • NEW! Figure Drawing and Expressionism

      Instructor: Hana Davis ALL LEVELS – INK/ACRYLIC/CHARCOAL/PASTELS Use the model as inspiration for unique interpretations of the figure. Through the process of experimentation, students will explore shape, gesture, color, rhythm, and space. This will allow each person to develop their own unique vision of the figure. Good quality paper and media of your choice: Ink,


    • NEW! Urban Mixmedia Textured Abstract

      Instructor: Erin Ashley BEGINNERS Explore how trying new things can take your abstract art in another direction. Easy going and fun – no fuss… let’s just create! Learn to paint without using paintbrushes at all. Create unique sculptural textures on your canvas with different mediums. Distress your art into a cool urban modern piece and


    • Exploring Painting

      Instructor: Vicki Siegel FOR ALL LEVELS – OIL/ACRYLIC Using your choice of medium – oil, acrylic, pastel, or water color, pursue your passion for painting and develop your individual style. Learn key principles that every artist needs to know in order to improve their paintings. Topics such as palette and color mixing, color, value, composition,


    • Discovering Abstract Painting

      Instructor: Sally Cooper ACRYLIC This course will explore your creative self and open your mind to the possibilities of working with new methods, painting intuitively and allowing chance to create a breakthrough. Artistic originality is encouraged in a light atmosphere where “mistakes” can be turned into masterpieces. We will learn about the visual language of


    • Abstract Painting & Mixed Media

      Instructor: Gary Antonio ALL LEVELS – OIL/ACRYLIC This course will focus on seeing, not just looking, as we explore traditional & non-traditional image making. We will be combining black/white and color with found objects, abstract forms and self-expression. This is a stress free class which will nurture the student’s personal style, concepts and approach to


  • Watercolor

    • Watercolor – Leach

      Instructor: Sid DelMar Leach PREVIOUS WATERCOLOR PAINTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED This class will establish the basics of what watercolor is and how to use it carefully and accurately. Instruction will be in the use of transparent watercolor. Students will be given a drawing, depicting European subject matter, which they will transfer to watercolor paper. All students


  • Drawing

    • Drawing 101

      Instructor: Beth Sloat BEGINNERS Learn to see like an artist in a structured and supportive environment. Learning to draw can be a life changing experience and drawing is the gateway to all the visual arts. Students will learn to draw realistically from observation with exercises that include line, shape, mark making, shading, perspective and composition. The instructor provides


    • Drawing and Painting

      Instructor: Ralph Papa ALL LEVELS – ACRYLIC/WATERCOLOR Join us in this class to develop and enhance your skills in both drawing and painting. With each class session, students will focus on creating drawings and developing them into original paintings. This is an excellent forum for artists at all levels to enhance essential drawing skills and


    • Pencil Magic

      Instructor: Sid Delmar Leach ALL LEVELS The pencil is something everyone has and can use to good advantage to capture images onto paper or illustration board. In this class you will be given line drawings along with value studies of the images and the pencils you will need for your exercises. Students will learn to


  • Installation Art


      Instructor: Peter Pereira Peter G. Pereira, creator of the Trees of Life Sculpture and Multimedia Installation Series will introduce you to advanced study of this groundbreaking and exciting course: Installation Art. This course will delve into the art of installation as a deeper, more focused, more transitory narration: translating our (2D and 3D) indoor models of installation art


  • Glass

    • NEW! Glass Fusing

      Instructor: Bob Schmidt BEGINNER In this course, we will teach you basic glass cutting skills and go over the differences between what fused glass is and what stained glass is. We will talk about compatibility and COE’S, glass manufacturers and different types of fusing materials. Frits, stringers, powders and dichroic glass. You will start with


  • Jewelry


      INSTRUCTOR: Alicia Jane Boswell BEGINNER Starting with copper, brass wire or sheet, learn to use cold connections (without use of a torch), cut, form with pliers, add texture, drill holes, create dangles, forge links, and wire wrap elements to create one of a kind simple and beautiful wearable art jewelry! This class is a nice