The Creative Arts School at Old School Square offers a variety of learning opportunities, for all ages. REGISTRATION IS OPEN for fall 2017 and winter 2018 classes and workshops!

The School is located in the studios and classrooms on the second floor of the Crest Theatre building. For questions, please call the School at 561-243-7922, ext. 478. Deborah or Lianna will be happy to take care of you; or feel free to email our Director of the Creative Arts School. Classes will confirm a week prior to class start date, so register early to ensure your spot!

TERM 1: 9/18/17 – 10/29/17 | TERM 2: 10/30/17 – 12/17/17

TERM 3: 1/2/18 – 3/4/18 | TERM 4: 3/5/18 – 4/22/18


Art, Photography & Writing Workshops (CLICK HERE)

Youth Classes (CLICK HERE)

  • Open Studio

    • Studio Classes

      • Open Studio with Live Model

        THIS THREE HOUR STUDIO TIME IS WITHOUT INSTRUCTION. AGES 18 AND UP Format: One long portrait pose on alternating portrait weeks on Tuesday & Friday. Short warm-up gesture poses and several longer poses on Wednesday, and alternating figure weeks on Tuesday & Friday. TERM 3  1/2/18 – 3/4/18  |  TERM 4  3/5/18 – 4/22/18  


      • Open Studio Experience

        AGES 18 AND UP Do you need a place to come and create your masterpiece? A place to paint, draw or explore your creative side? Bring your own supplies and we supply the studio! This 3 or 6 hour studio time (if available) is without instruction. Come CREATE! Floating Studio Space | 9:00 am –


  • The Writers’ Colony

    • Writing Classes

      • Beginning Fiction/Memoir

        Instructor: Barbara Cronie Start writing “the great American novel!” Or collect your memories and organize them to produce that memoir you already started! Learn the differences and similarities in today’s fiction and memoir through lectures, discussions, and short writing assignments. Methods on how to improve your writing process include: freewriting, rewriting, editing, keeping a journal,


      • Intermediate and Advanced Fiction

        Instructor: Winston Aarons This course is for students who have completed or already have a work in progress. This is a critique course in which students will read and discuss their works in class and get instructive feedback from their classmates and the instructor. The instructor will act as guide, facilitator and mentor, providing each


      • Critique Group 1

        Instructor: Barbara Cronie PREREQUISITE: Students’ projects must have the approval of the writing program instructor. Continue refining your writing skills with the help of constructive criticism from your peers and the Program Director. Class consists of your reading aloud for 10-15 minutes and then receiving constructive criticism for 10 minutes. Copies of material to be


  • Digital Imaging Classes

    • Digital Imaging: Capture Through Output

      • Photoshop Elements

        Instructor: Irene Hill For Beginners An introduction to unravel some of the mysteries of polishing a photograph after it has been taken.  This is a BASIC course.  We will cover cropping, sizing, lighting, color saturation, and converting your photo to black and white.  Only 90 minutes a week….no information overload …..sticking to the basics….and, of


      • Photoshop for Photographers – Evan Reinheimer

        Instructor – Evan Reinheimer BEGINNERS This course is an introduction to the world of creative possibilities available to photographers through Adobe Photoshop. If your current photo editing process leaves something to be desired, Photoshop is a powerful program that will allow you to take your post processing to the next level. To take advantage of


      • Introduction to Adobe Lightroom

        Instructor: Lee Gordon CREATING AN EFFICIENT COLOR MANAGED DIGITAL WORKFLOW This class is an introduction to using Adobe Lightroom as a digital asset management application. As photographers, we produce an abundance of images, which need to be organized, developed, and integrated into an efficient color managed digital workflow from capture to output. As digital photography advances and evolves,



        Instructor – Jesse Kunerth INTERMEDIATE Take your travel/personal photographs and create original art that is layered and more than just a standard photograph. We will cover basics of design – color, balance, etc. This class will also include a brief overview of what makes a successful photograph. This class does require a basic knowledge of


      • NEW! POP ART

        Instructor: Jesse Kunerth INTERMEDIATE Learn how to create of what you are passionate about – animals, people, etc. This class requires a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Combine textures, colors, and patterns into your digital art that will give life to your work. Create vector illustrations that can be scaled to any


  • Photography Classes

    • Photography – The Art of Seeing

      • Introduction to Using Your Digital Camera – Irene Hill

        Instructor: Irene Hill BEGINNERS If the manual that came with your digital camera is causing more confusion than you care to deal with, fear not. This course is designed to help you become more comfortable and creative with your equipment. The class breaks down the learning process into understandable weekly sessions that include taking photos


      • Photography on the Move

        Instructor: Irene Hill BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE Anxious to get out there and do more shooting? Want to produce more artistic, nuanced images? In this course for beginner and intermediate students, we will alternate between classroom work on composition and critique with off-campus photo shoots. Emphasis will be on producing uncluttered, dynamic images using natural light. Bring your camera to all


      • Advanced Fine Art Photography

        Instructor: Irene Hill Ready to explore and expand your photographic skills by drawing from not only established principles of design but from new and imaginative ways to think ‘out of the box’? Open yourself to unlimited creativity and visual interpretation by developing the technical ability to create high-level artistic images. Through instruction and weekly assignments,


      • The Essence of Photography

        Instructor: Evan Reinheimer ALL LEVELS Revitalize your photography practice by exploring your relationship to your subject, your camera, and yourself. Through photo exercises, assignments, and field trips, we will learn to deepen our visual awareness while clarifying our approach, so that image making becomes more personal and meaningful. This class will provide a unique opportunity


      • NEW! Landscape Photography

        Instructor: Evan Reinheimer BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE Take your outdoor photography from snapshot to masterpiece with award winning artist Evan Reinheimer. Through a combination of in class instruction, critique, and on location photo shoots, you will learn everything you need to know to take beautiful display worthy photographs of the great outdoors. You’ll learn how to prepare for


      • Photography Salon

        Instructor: Irene Hill FOR UPPER LEVEL STUDENTS This class is designed for creative, experienced photographers who want to elevate their photography to a higher, more nuanced artistic level. The Photography Salon will emphasize imagination and the artful expression of creativity and will include classic as well as conceptual photography. Discussion and critique, along with weekly


      • Master – Fine Art Photography – Lee Gordon

        Instructor: Lee Gordon EXPERIENCED PHOTOGRAPHERS This class is for experienced, creative photographers interested in more than camera clubs or limited seminars and workshops. Become a part of South Florida’s most accomplished group of artistic photographers. Meet in a unique environment with fellow enthusiasts while sharing ideas, techniques, experiences and inspiration. This ongoing class allows the


      • NEW! MASTER – FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY – Raymond Gehman

        Instructor – Raymond Gehman EXPERIENCED PHOTOGRAPHERS In this class, you will learn the difference in “just taking shots” with your camera and making fine photographs. Aimed at the experienced, creative photographer who desires to develop their own personal way of seeing and shooting, Raymond will lead you through critiques without criticism, offering valuable insights into


      • NEW! Nature & Wildlife Photography

        Instructor – Raymond Gehman INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED There is a beautiful abundance of natural gifts in our south Florida region, and for the nature photography enthusiast who seeks to capture the “wilder” side of town, from the ocean’s sparkling shoreline to the sweeping sawgrass wetlands, this is the class for you! Raymond’s nature and wildlife photography for


  • Art Classes

    • Painting

      • NEW! Contemporary Painting

        Instructor: Peter G. Pereira ALL LEVELS – ACRYLIC (SOME OIL) Take a fantastic journey into painting! This course is perfect for those students and professional artists itching to flush out and consolidate aspects of your artwork that are in need of some R & D…creative therapy! I want to help you pull out individual styles


      • Discover Your Personal Painting Style

        Instructor: Carla Golembe ALL LEVELS – ACRYLIC Explore painting techniques, composition, color and creative expression in an upbeat and encouraging atmosphere. Learn brushwork, layering, and color mixing techniques and apply them to express yourself in paint. Discover how source material can be a springboard for your imagination to take flight and create a work of


      • Painting 101

        Instructor: Beth Sloat BEGINNERS – OIL Are you new at painting in oils? Do you want to learn new methods or break old habits? Then this class is for you! The oil paint medium is versatile, challenging and rewarding. With an initial focus on representational painting from life, each painting will apply basic skills —drawing,


      • Exploring Possibilities in Pastel

        Instructor: Deborah LaFogg-Docherty BEGINNERS/INTERMEDIATE – PASTEL Students will explore the use of pastel, learn technique, experiment with underpainting, textures and play with color. Classes will include themed subjects and student choice. All will have the chance to create pastel paintings that have strong compositions, pleasing colors with exciting results. Wednesday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


      • Discovering Abstract Painting

        Instructor: Sally Cooper ACRYLIC This course will explore your creative self and open your mind to the possibilities of working with new methods, taking risks, painting intuitively and allowing chance to create a breakthrough. Artistic originality is encouraged in a light atmosphere where “mistakes” can be turned into masterpieces. Through a process of experimentation and


      • NEW! Urban Mixmedia Textured Abstract

        Instructor: Erin Ashley BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE – ACRYLIC/MIXED MEDIA Learn to paint without using paintbrushes at all. Create unique sculptural textures on your canvas with different mediums. Distress your art into a cool urban modern piece and learn techniques to master the art of layering. This class will train you to push yourself to do things you


      • Exploring Painting

        Pursue your passion for painting and develop your individual style with instructor, Vicki Siegel. This class is for intermediate and advanced students working in oil or acrylic. Learn key principles that every artist needs to know in order to improve their paintings. Topics such as palette and color mixing, color, value, composition, brushwork, light and


      • Figure and Portrait Painting

        Instructor, Robert Barra will focus this class on drawing the portrait and figure with paint using oil, acrylic or watercolor. Students at all skill levels are welcome! Students will work from the model’s continuous pose to develop understanding of the pose and form. Class participants will build confidence in painting the live figure. Emphasis will


      • Intuitive Painting: Art from the Heart

        Instructor: Carla Golembe ALL LEVELS – ACRYLIC In this fun process-oriented class, students will be encouraged to tap into their creative source. Focusing on painting from your inner being, you’ll discover your authentic style of mark making, palette, and imagery. Through guided step-by-step prompts and demos at the start of each class you’ll allow your


    • Watercolor

      • Watercolor – Eskesen

        Instructor: Karen Eskesen ALL LEVELS Develop your own style, or sharpen your techniques by exploring traditional techniques of realism in watercolor. Original observation and creativity are our goals as we experiment with drawing and painting, color, positive/ negative spaces, and volume. We use natural daylight and subject matter such as orchids, tropical plants and flowers,


      • Beginning Watercolor – Jomok

        Instructor: Manny Jomok Watercolor has inherent characteristics that, because of its fluidity, can produce an exciting expression that can be bold or subtle. This course will teach techniques to produce loose, spontaneous brush strokes that “indicate not duplicate” what is seen; applying paint in a way that’s different from other mediums, even from some other


      • Intermediate Watercolor – Leach

        Instructor: Sid DelMar Leach PREVIOUS WATERCOLOR PAINTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED This class will establish the basics of what watercolor is and how to use it carefully and accurately. Instruction will be in the use of transparent watercolor. Students will be given a drawing, depicting European subject matter, which they will transfer to watercolor paper. All students


      • Advanced Watercolor – Passarelli

        Instructor: Charles Passarelli PREVIOUS WATERCOLOR PAINTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Students will further their skills by learning how to use color, the correct ways of applying paint, technique, styles and tricks to accomplish effects in their work. A photocopy will be furnished to students as all will work on the same subject at the same time. Tuesday


    • Drawing

      • NEW! Draw It!

        Instructor: Beth Sloat INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED Students asked for a drawing class that would be followed by opportunities to paint the same subject. This is it! Drawing mainly from still life setups, and later, possibly from photo references, we will explore the possibilities of representation with drawing media and techniques. There will be instruction and critiques. A


      • Drawing 101

        Instructor: Beth Sloat BEGINNER Learn to see like an artist in a structured and supportive environment. Learning to draw can be a life changing experience and drawing is the gateway to all the visual arts. Students will become acquainted with various drawing tools and learn to draw realistically from observation with exercises that include line,


      • Drawing and Painting “Alla Prima”

        Instructor: Ralph Papa ALL LEVELS – ACRYLIC/WATERCOLOR Develop and enhance your skills in both drawing and painting. Participants are encouraged to work with a limited color palette on canvas or heavy paper with the aim of starting a new work at each class session. With each class session art students work with the instructor in


      • NEW! Perspective for the Artist

        Instructor: Sid DelMar Leach BEGINNER It is obvious to the viewer of any painting of a traditionally realistic subject matter if the artist who created the painting did not understand the “rules” of perspective. In this class, we will examine these “tools” that have been handed down historically. Perspective is most important in the creation


      • Pencil Magic

        Instructor: Sid Delmar Leach ALL LEVELS The pencil is something everyone has and can use to good advantage to capture images onto paper or illustration board. In this class, you will be given line drawings along with value studies of the images and the pencils you will need for your exercises. Students will learn to


      • Figure Drawing

        Instructor: Robert Barra ALL LEVELS In this class, we will try to relearn how to see with the emphasis on using your eyes and mind to develop what you see, what to use and what to leave out. The instructor will provide assistance to break old habits while learning new ones. Students will work with


    • Collage & Mixed Media

      • Collage and Mixed Media

        Instructor – Sharon Koskoff ALL LEVELS – ACRYLIC/MISC MATERIALS Explore and learn about the fascinating world of collage and mixed media using found materials, recyclables, personal photographs, collectibles and other unusual art mediums! Discover assemblage and construction techniques for 2-D and 3-D creations. Class includes emphasis on design principles including balance, color, composition, direction, geometry,


    • Installation Art


        Instructor: Peter Pereira Are you a writer/poet, musician, painter, sculptor, photographer, movie-maker, dancer, gymnast, engineer, astronomer, chef, or some combination? This inclusive course explores installation art in all media and will incorporate your media including photographs, paintings, drawings, video, sound and sculptural materials in the exciting field of mixed and multimedia installation works. So, bring


    • Glass

  • Travel Excursions