The Creative Arts School at Old School Square offers a variety of learning opportunities, for all ages. The School is located in the studios and classrooms on the second floor of the Crest Theatre building.

Class Registration opens 4/10/17 @ 9:00 a.m. for the Spring/Summer sessions!

Open House is Saturday, April 15th, 12:30 – 3:30 pm

For questions, please call the School at 561-243-7922, ext. 478. Deborah or Lianna will be happy to take care of you; or feel free to email our Director of the Creative Arts School.

Classes will confirm a week prior to class start date, so register early to ensure your spot!


  • Workshops

Art Workshops

march 2017

24mar - 25mar 249:30 ammar 25Expressive Abstract Workshop: Large Scale Painting9:30 am - 4:30 pm (25)

april 2017

15apr9:30 am- 4:30 pmFIGURES IN MOTION with Visiting Artist Cynthia Costello9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Photography Workshops

march 2017

25mar10:00 am- 1:00 pmStreet Photography: Candid Portraiture10:00 am - 1:00 pm

april 2017

22apr10:00 am- 1:00 pmStreet Photography: Candid Portraiture10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Writing & Poetry Workshops

april 2017

13apr6:30 pm- 8:30 pmOpen Reading Night6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

may 2017

11may6:30 pm- 8:30 pmOpen Reading Night6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

june 2017

8jun6:30 pm- 8:30 pmOpen Reading Night6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Canvas & Cocktails

march 2017

30mar7:00 pm- 9:00 pmCanvas & Cocktails - March7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

  • Art Classes

    • Painting

      • Discover Your Personal Painting Style

        Instructor: Carla Golembe ALL LEVELS – ACRYLIC Explore painting techniques, composition, color and creative expression in an upbeat and encouraging atmosphere. Learn brushwork, layering, and color mixing techniques and apply them to express yourself in paint. Discover how source material can be a springboard for your imagination to take flight and create a work of


      • Figure and Portrait Painting

        Instructor: Robert Barra ALL LEVELS – OIL/ACRYLIC This class will concentrate on drawing the portrait and figure with paint using oil, acrylic or watercolor. Students will work from the model’s continuous pose to develop understanding of the pose and form. Class participants will build confidence in painting the live figure. Emphasis will be placed on


      • NEW! Representational Painting

        Instructor: Nancy Spielman ALL LEVELS – OIL/ACRYLIC This class will focus on representational subject matter from images that you supply. Nancy will guide you through creating a strong composition, color mixing, brushwork and use of mediums when necessary. The goal is for you to produce fresh, lively and effective paintings. Friday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


      • NEW! Painting from Video Media

        Instuctor: Ralph Papa INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED – ACRYLIC In this class, participants will create drawings and paintings from streaming or paused video media from a large screen video monitor. Emphasis in this unique class is to work spontaneously influenced by visual media from the original video archives and select video clips accessible to the public from the internet


      • NEW! Painting 101

        Instructor: Beth Sloat BEGINNERS – OIL Are you new at painting in oils? Do you want to learn new methods or break old habits? Then this class is for you! The oil paint medium is versatile, challenging and rewarding. With an initial focus on representational painting from life, each painting will apply basic skills —drawing,


      • Multimedia Master Class

        Instructor: Donna Fuller INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED – OIL/ACRYLIC/WATERCOLOR You will learn to understand what your paint and brushes can do for you – learn color, concept, perception and usage. Learn how to make them work in creating your art and developing your own distinctive style. You will use copy/photographs of your own for reference. However serious about


      • Exploring Possibilities in Pastel

        Instructor: Deborah LaFogg-Docherty BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE – PASTEL Students will explore the use of pastel, learn technique, experiment with underpainting, textures and play with color. Classes will include themed subjects and student choice. All will have the chance to create pastel paintings that have strong compositions, pleasing colors with exciting results. Wednesday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


      • Discovering Abstract Painting

        Instructor: Sally Cooper ALL LEVELS – ACRYLIC This course will explore your creative self and open your mind to the possibilities of working with new methods, painting intuitively and allowing chance to create a breakthrough. Artistic originality is encouraged in a light atmosphere where “mistakes” can be turned into masterpieces. We will learn about the


      • Painting Fundamentals

        Instructor: Vicki Siegel BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE – OIL/ACRYLIC Develop a new hobby or try something new! In this class you will learn the fundamentals of painting in either acrylic or oil paints. The elements of art, composition, color mixing, and basic paint materials will be taught in a fun and creative atmosphere. How to get started, gridding


      • Exploring Painting

        Instructor: Vicki Siegel INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED – OIL/ACRYLIC Using your choice of medium – oil, acrylic, pastel, or water color, pursue your passion for painting and develop your individual style. Learn key principles that every artist needs to know in order to improve their paintings. Topics such as palette and color mixing, color, value, composition, brushwork, light


      • NEW! Abstract Painting & Mixed Media

        Instructor: Gary Antonio ALL LEVELS – OIL/ACRYLIC This course will focus on seeing, not just looking, as we explore traditional & non-traditional image making. We will be combining black/white and color with found objects, abstract forms and self-expression. This is a stress free class which will nurture the student’s personal style, concepts and approach to


      • Intuitive Painting: Art from the Heart

        Instructor: Carla Golembe ALL LEVELS – ACRYLIC In this fun process-oriented class, students will be encouraged to tap into their creative source. Focusing on painting from your inner being, you’ll discover your authentic style of mark making, palette, and imagery. Through guided step-by-step prompts and demos at the start of each class you’ll allow your


      • NEW! Figure Drawing and Expressionism

        Instructor: Hana Davis ALL LEVELS – INK/ACRYLIC/CHARCOAL/PASTELS Use the model as inspiration for unique interpretations of the figure. Through the process of experimentation, students will explore shape, gesture, color, rhythm, and space. This will allow each person to develop their own unique vision of the figure. Good quality paper and media of your choice: Ink,


    • Watercolor

      • Watercolor – Eskesen

        Instructor: Karen Eskesen ALL LEVELS Develop your own style, or sharpen your techniques by exploring traditional techniques of realism in watercolor. Original observation and creativity are our goals as we experiment with drawing and painting, color, positive/ negative spaces, and volume. We use natural daylight and subject matter such as orchids, tropical plants and flowers,


      • Beginning Watercolor – Jomok

        Instructor: Manny Jomok Watercolor has inherent characteristics that, because of its fluidity, can produce an exciting expression that can be bold or subtle. This course will teach techniques to produce loose, spontaneous brush strokes that “indicate not duplicate” what is seen; applying paint in a way that’s different from other mediums, even from some other


      • Intermediate Watercolor – Leach

        Instructor: Sid DelMar Leach PREVIOUS WATERCOLOR PAINTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED This class will establish the basics of what watercolor is and how to use it carefully and accurately. Instruction will be in the use of transparent watercolor. Students will be given a drawing, depicting European subject matter, which they will transfer to watercolor paper. All students


      • Advanced Watercolor – Passarelli

        Instructor: Charles Passarelli PREVIOUS WATERCOLOR PAINTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Students will further their skills by learning how to use color, the correct ways of applying paint, technique, styles and tricks to accomplish effects in their work. A photocopy will be furnished to students as all will work on the same subject at the same time. Tuesday


    • Drawing

      • Drawing 101

        Instructor: Beth Sloat BEGINNERS Learn to see like an artist in a structured and supportive environment. Learning to draw can be a life changing experience and drawing is the gateway to all the visual arts. Students will learn to draw realistically from observation with exercises that include line, shape, mark making, shading, perspective and composition. The instructor provides


      • Drawing and Painting

        Instructor: Ralph Papa ALL LEVELS – ACRYLIC/WATERCOLOR Join us in this class to develop and enhance your skills in both drawing and painting. With each class session, students will focus on creating drawings and developing them into original paintings. This is an excellent forum for artists at all levels to enhance essential drawing skills and


      • Pencil Magic

        Instructor: Sid Delmar Leach ALL LEVELS The pencil is something everyone has and can use to good advantage to capture images onto paper or illustration board. In this class you will be given line drawings along with value studies of the images and the pencils you will need for your exercises. Students will learn to


    • Collage & Mixed Media

      • Collage and Mixed Media

        Instructor – Sharon Koskoff ALL LEVELS – ACRYLIC/MISC MATERIALS Explore and learn about the fascinating world of collage and mixed media using found materials, recyclables, personal photographs, collectibles and other unusual art mediums! Discover assemblage and construction techniques for 2-D and 3-D creations. Class includes emphasis on design principles including balance, color, composition, direction, geometry, line, repetition and


    • Installation Art


        Instructor: Peter Pereira Peter G. Pereira, creator of the Trees of Life Sculpture and Multimedia Installation Series will introduce you to advanced study of this groundbreaking and exciting course: Installation Art. This course will delve into the art of installation as a deeper, more focused, more transitory narration: translating our (2D and 3D) indoor models of installation art


    • Printmaking

      • Traditional Printmaking

        Instructor: Ron Garrett Learn to create painterly colorful monoprints, textural collagraphs and carve linoleum blocks! It’s almost magic! Students will learn about the rich history of printmaking and why many great artists from Rembrandt and Goya, to Picasso and Jim Dine were and still are so passionate about making prints and pulling editions. Ideal for


    • Sculpting

      • Sculpting in Creative Paperclay

        Instructor: Dick Rosenberg This is an adventure in creativity, as we create beautiful abstract sculptures using aluminum wire, plaster cloth and Creative Paperclay. Bring your imagination, and together we will create a thing of beauty. A $75.00 starter kit fee is not included in the class price. Monday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Terms 3,


    • Glass

      • NEW! Glass Fusing

        Instructor: Bob Schmidt BEGINNER In this course, we will teach you basic glass cutting skills and go over the differences between what fused glass is and what stained glass is. We will talk about compatibility and COE’S, glass manufacturers and different types of fusing materials. Frits, stringers, powders and dichroic glass. You will start with


      • NEW! Copper Foil Glass Window

        Instructor: Bob Schmidt BEGINNER In this course, we will cover basic cutting skills and go over all tools needed to produce a copper foil window. We will talk about design and layout, pattern cutting, glass cutting, jigging, grinding, foiling, soldering, patina, and finishing your panel. You will leave this class with a true appreciation for


      • NEW! Leaded Window: Using Stained Glass

        Instructor: Bob Schmidt BEGINNER In this course, you will learn basic glass cutting skills, a brief history of stained glass, color theory, layout and design, and all skills necessary to produce a leaded glass panel. There will be four different patterns to choose from and you will complete your panel in this seven week course.


      • NEW! Tropical Fish with Fusing & Copper Foil

        Bob Schmidt INTERMEDIATE In this course, you will make a copper foil tropical fish…or two. Basic cutting skills will be covered and adding a fused eye to your piece will add that special touch. We will go over color selection, grinding, fitting, foiling, and soldering. We will also cover hanging your work of art and


  • Photography Classes

    • Photography – The Art of Seeing

      • Unlocking Creativity: An Intensive Dream Class for Artists

        Instructor: Neal Wiseman ALL LEVELS The objective of this class is to learn to turn stress and stagnation into creative excitement and productivity. Our tools are intensive dream work, awareness training, group encounter and psychodrama.Students rediscover feelings of inspiration, energy, and persistence. They learn to feel better about their work and about themselves; they learn


      • Introduction to Using Your Digital Camera – Irene Hill

        Instructor: Irene Hill FOR BEGINNERS If the manual that came with your digital camera is causing more confusion than you care to deal with, fear not. This course is designed to help you become more comfortable and creative with your equipment. The class breaks down the learning process into understandable weekly sessions that include taking photos and learning


      • Introduction to Using Your Digital Camera – Dimitri Sagatov

        Instructor: Dimitri Sagatov FOR BEGINNERS If the manual that came with your digital camera is causing more confusion than you care to deal with, fear not. This course is designed to help you become more comfortable and creative with your equipment. The class breaks down the learning process into understandable weekly sessions that include taking photos and learning to


      • Photography on the Move

        Instructor: Irene Hill BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE Anxious to get out there and do more shooting? Want to produce more artistic, nuanced images? In this course for beginner and intermediate students, we will alternate between classroom work on composition and critique with off-campus photo shoots. Emphasis will be on producing uncluttered, dynamic images using natural light. Bring your camera to all


      • On-Location – Fine Art Photography

        Instructor: Lee Gordon ADVANCED This advanced fine art photography class now incorporates inspiring on location photo shoots, with alternating evaluative, constructive critiques the following week. Open your mind to unlimited creativity and visual interpretation. Learn to express yourself through mastery of the photographic medium. This class draws upon the proven principles of art and design to ignite the


      • Intermediate Fine Art Photography

        Instructor: Irene Hill Take the next step in your journey to become a more creative photographer. Learn to see as an artist sees. Develop a better sense of light, shadow, shape, and form. Go beyond the basics and begin to compile and edit a body of work. You will learn how to use the camera more creatively


      • Advanced Fine Art Photography

        Instructor: Irene Hill Ready to explore and expand your photographic skills by drawing from not only established principles of design but from new and imaginative ways to think ‘out of the box’? Open yourself to unlimited creativity and visual interpretation by developing the technical ability to create high-level artistic images. Through instruction and weekly assignments, students will also


      • Photography Salon

        Instructor: Irene Hill FOR UPPER LEVEL STUDENTS This class is designed for creative, experienced photographers who want to elevate their photography to a higher, more nuanced artistic level. The Photography Salon will emphasize imagination and the artful expression of creativity and will include classic as well as conceptual photography. Discussion and critique, along with weekly assignments, will be


      • Master – Fine Art Photography

        Instructor: Lee Gordon EXPERIENCED PHOTOGRAPHERS This class is for experienced, creative photographers interested in more than camera clubs or limited seminars and workshops. Become a part of South Florida’s most accomplished group of artistic photographers. Meet in a unique environment with fellow enthusiasts while sharing ideas, techniques, experiences and inspiration. This ongoing class allows the participant the opportunity


    • Digital Imaging

      • Beginning Photoshop Elements

        Instructor: Irene Hill For Beginners An introduction to unravel some of the mysteries of polishing a photograph after it has been taken.  This is a BASIC course.  We will cover cropping, sizing, lighting, color saturation, and converting your photo to black and white.  Only 90 minutes a week….no information overload …..sticking to the basics….and, of


      • Intermediate Photoshop Elements

        Instructor: Irene Hill Intermediate An introduction to unravel some of the mysteries of polishing a photograph after it has been taken. We will cover cropping, sizing, lighting, color saturation, and converting your photo to black and white. Bring a laptop computer with Photoshop Elements already installed to class.  Make sure your computer is fully charged


      • Photoshop for Photographers

        Instructor: Dimitri Sagatov This course is an introduction to the world of creative possibilities available to photographers through Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is the most powerful editing tool available to photographers who want to enhance the quality and creative vision of their digital images. To take advantage of these powerful tools, a basic understanding of how and why Photoshop works is


      • NEW! Creative Post-Processing

        Instructor: Dimitri Sagatov The focus of this course is on developing a photographic voice through post-processing. It is intended for photographers who have experience with post-processing software, and are looking for more creative control over achieving a desired tone and mood in a photograph after it has been captured. In this course, students will bring in images, come


      • Introduction to Adobe Lightroom

        Instructor: Lee Gordon CREATING AN EFFICIENT COLOR MANAGED DIGITAL WORKFLOW This class is an introduction to using Adobe Lightroom as a digital asset management application. As photographers, we produce an abundance of images, which need to be organized, developed, and integrated into an efficient color managed digital workflow from capture to output. As digital photography advances and evolves,


      • Advanced Class for Adobe Lightroom

        Instructor: Lee Gordon CONTINUING AN EFFICIENT COLOR MANAGED DIGITAL WORKFLOW COMPLETION OF THE INTRODUCTORY LIGHTROOM CLASS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED This advanced class is a continuation, utilizing an integrated approach to Adobe Lightroom. We will learn how to evaluate and pre-visualize the extensive possibilities for developing raw image files. To master control over your creative output as a


  • The Writers’ Colony

    • Writing Classes

      • From Memories to Memoir

        Instructor: Barbara Cronie Now is the time to organize your life experiences into a memoir worthy of being published, or just write about your favorite people and things as a record of family history. Develop a writing process that works for you. You will learn how essay and narrative writing can be combined to express


      • Beginning Fiction – Short Story, Novella, Novel

        Instructor: Barbara Cronie If you want to write fiction, but can’t get started… If you have ideas for a plot, but can’t express them… Learn how to create interesting characters involved in an exciting plot. Develop a writing process and practice writing dialogue so your characters come alive! This is a class for beginners. There’s


      • NEW! Advanced Fiction

        Instructor: Winston Aarons This course is for students who already have a work in progress. This is a critiquing course in which students will read their works in class and get instructive feedback from their classmates and the instructor. The instructor will act as guide, facilitator, and mentor, providing each student with directives that will


      • Critique Group 1

        Instructor: Barbara Cronie PREREQUISITE: BEGINNING FICTION OR FROM MEMORIES TO MEMOIR Continue refining your writing skills through constructive criticism from your peers and the Writing Program Director. Class consists of your reading aloud for 10–15 minutes and then receiving constructive criticism for 10 minutes. You can take the course as often as needed – some


      • Critique Group 2

        Instructor: Barbara Cronie STUDENTS’ PROJECTS MUST HAVE THE APPROVAL OF THE PROJECT MANAGER Continue refining your writing skills through constructive criticism from your peers and the Writing Program Director. Class consists of your reading aloud for 10–15 minutes and then receiving constructive criticism for 10 minutes. You can take the course as often as needed


  • Open Studio

    • Studio Classes

      • Open Studio with Live Model

        THIS THREE HOUR STUDIO TIME IS WITHOUT INSTRUCTION. AGES 18 AND UP Format: One long portrait pose on alternating portrait weeks on Tuesday and Friday. Short warm-up gesture poses and several longer poses on Wednesday and alternating figure weeks on Tuesday, Friday. February 2017 Model Calendar Tuesday 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm | Alternates Figure/Portrait | All


      • Open Studio Experience

        AGES 18 AND UP Come share ideas, create and critique each other’s work. This three hour studio time is without instruction. Students must provide their own materials and respect the interest of other artists and the studio space. February 2017 Model Calendar Thursday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm T3 $120 8 wk,    Wednesday 1:00 pm –